What We Do

The Route to Adventure Playground Happiness

  1. We make it easy for you.
  2. We discuss exactly what you – and the children – want.
  3. We design a system to suit, that is within your budget.
  4. Then we make it.
  5. Then we install it.
Playground Equipment by MacVenture

“We want to grow healthy, happy children through safe, exciting play”

Play equipment inspections by MacVenture

Regular inspections of your equipment, whether supplied by MacVenture or others • Advice on usability and lifespan of existing systems • Safety recommendations for equipment and surfacing • No-obligation quotations for bringing equipment up to standard • We can also arrange for third-party inspections where necessary • If you have any concerns call us immediately on 0113 512 3455

The MacVenture maintenance service

We love to keep your play equipment in first-class condition • Contract or one-off call-outs catered for • Where there is a safety issue we will visit within 24 hours • Our experienced and helpful staff will ensure that any issues are remedied as quickly as possible

Endless configurations

All the components of MacVenture Play Systems can adapted and reconfigured to suit any shape or size of area available, and we work with you to achieve maximum play value. So that what might seem a limitation becomes an opportunity!

Two families with one mission

When Steve Griffiths began manufacturing and installing timber play equipment over twenty years ago he knew, with children of his own, that the play area must be exciting, safe – and fun.

And MacVenture follows the same ethos now. Steve’s children have grown up and he has other business interests to attend to, but the founding principles of MacVenture remain.

This is where I come in! With 3 lively boys from 6 to 13 years old, something was troubling me. What is it about children that makes them want to sit in front of a screen all day? Why aren’t they outside, rain or shine, using their imagination and energy? What could I do to encourage them to get outside? We need to make the outside ‘fun’.

I looked at the play areas around my Yorkshire home. Some were fun, most were boring, many of them were looking tired. I had to do something.

Then I saw MacVenture, and got to know Steve. He needs to give more time to his other interests, but with a continuing role in MacVenture; I love building brilliant play schemes! We put our heads together – and MacVenture moves into a new decade!

Our mission is simple. We want to grow healthy, happy children through safe, exciting play. And we have the ideas, products and resources to make it all come alive. The MacVenture experience continues in Wales and the South-West – and now in Yorkshire too.

Join us on the next stage of MacVenture’s exciting journey!

Tim Poole

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