Commercial climbing frames & timber play equipment

Specialists in quality outdoor timber play equipmentand wooden climbing frames.

Macventure Play Company

We also have a residential gallery.


Poulton Playground Poulton Playground

Speed gyro roundabout

Southrop Playground Southrop Playground

Duckling springer

Thomas Close Playground Thomas Close Playground

Welsh Dragon springer

Ysgol Bryn Hedydd. Ysgol Bryn Hedydd.

Rocket climbing frame

Ysgol Mair. Ysgol Mair.

Playhouse installed on grass mats

Fairford Playground Fairford Playground

Space net 3.6m high on grass mat safety surfacing.

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

Activity train and wobbly bridge carriage.

Cranham Scout Headquarters. Cranham Scout Headquarters.

Swinging log steps and rope crossing.

Cranham Scout Headquarters Cranham Scout Headquarters

Monkey bars and Burma bridge accross river!

Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Ysgol Bryn Hedydd

Adventure trail including flat top balance beams, stepping logs and pencil silts and balance weaver.

Christchurch Primary School Christchurch Primary School

Adventure trail including, Swinging log steps and rope crossing, balance beams and stepping logs, balance weaver and burma bridge.

Haydonleigh Primary School Haydonleigh Primary School

Incl. Swinging log steps (coloured ropes) & rope crossing, balance beam and pencil stilts.

Poulton Adventure Trail Poulton Adventure Trail

Incl.Swinging log steps & rope crossing, inclined balance beams, pencil stilts and stepping logs.

Ysgol Mair Ysgol Mair

Shelter / Outdoor classroom attached to existing storage container

Ysgol Y Bont Ysgol Y Bont

Heavy duty basket ball hoop and net with 3m ball wall

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