MacFort with Top Enclosed

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MacFort - with top enclosed L. 3.2m W. *1.2m H. 3.0m

Standard features include : Cargo net, Top enclosed with seats inside and lower deck, Fixed ladder, Safety handles.

Add 3m flat bridge with climbing wall: 889.00
Add 3m wave bridge with climbing wall: 979.00
Add the MacTriple with 3m flat bridge: 1159.00
Add the MacTriple with 3m wave bridge: 1225.00
Add the Rock Wall Bridge: 599.00
Add Monkey Bars: 625.00
Add a wave slide: 135.00
Add a spiral slide: 488.00
Add a double swing frame: 329.00
Add a somersault bar: 129.00
Add a fireman's pole: 179.00
Add a steering wheel: 17.50
Add a periscope: 19.95

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